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Do you ever feel like you need just a little more clarity in your life? YOU NEED SAGACITY! Do you find yourself in one of those times where you know your in a situation that calls for just the right decision, and all your asking for is a little bit of wisdom? YOU NEED SAGACITY!

Can life really be simplified down to a few principles or proverbs that will give us an edge on the rest of the world? YES…IT’S CALLED SAGACITY!

If you could use a little wisdom from Solomon, former King of Israel and the Smartest guy to walk the planet, then our new series is for you!!

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Have you noticed how hard it is to live life “in the Present”? It seems most of us spend too much time thinking about yesterday or focusing on tomorrow instead of living in the moment…That’s our quest in the word this week as we find a little Sagacity!

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Have you ever stopped to think about how powerful words are? Lives have been destroyed by them, yet a word spoken has also launched careers and changed lives for the better! Sagacious people know how to use words to build up…That’s our quest in the Word this week as we find a little Sagacity

Message #4: Choices

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We make choices constantly all day long…Where we’re going to eat…what we will wear…and on and on. But many of our choices have lasting impact, some of it good and some of it destructive. Here is a truth we unpack this week, “The choices you make today are the realities you live with tomorrow!” That’s our quest in the Word this week as we find a little Sagacity!

Message #5: Friends

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Relationships shape our lives! We become like those we hang around. There is a saying that I have found myself saying to my kids all the time, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future!” This is the topic we take up in this weeks Sagacity message.

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